Since 2014 MVHC has delivered support to impoverished patients by providing funding for community-wide health initiatives and to develop various health education programs. MVHC has used this amazing resource to establish free screenings for cervical and colorectal cancer to all patients in the communities we serve. Not only do these screenings potentially prevent life-threatening illnesses, they improve the pathway for a greater number of individuals to improve their overall health.oMVHC is expanding our philanthropic reach to include patient education and support systems, like nutritional classes and exercise opportunities. In addition, we are working with community partners to help enhance relationships such as the program in Morgan County that features high school students doing both one-on-one and group activities with members of the senior center.

Through your continued, amazing support, MVHC is dedicated to expanding the health, wellness, and education offerings this fund was established to deliver throughout 2016 and beyond. We truly believe developing a community with a strong support system for health education and programming is a win-win for everyone.

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