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Charitable Giving

MVHC Patient Care Charitable Fund

Although access to quality healthcare for everyone is our mission, sometimes patients need a little extra help to get the care they need. That’s why in 2014 we established the MVHC Patient Care Charitable Fund to ensure the availability of financial resources to provide the highest quality care to our most vulnerable community members.


Over the years, MVHC has been able to use this amazing resource to provide a pathway for a greater number of individuals to improve their overall health. We have been able to launch innovative health and wellness education programs and support systems, including the Patient Wellness Program. This program allows at-risk diabetic patients to participate in exercise and nutritional training at a local recreation center. Patients participating in the program learn valuable strategies for managing their medical condition. Success of this program has been shown through the significant reduction in participants’ weight and inches. We have also been able to establish free screenings for cervical and colorectal cancer for all patients in the communities we serve, preventing and detecting life-threatening illnesses.


With the community’s continued support, MVHC is dedicated to the continued expansion of health, wellness, and education offerings allowing us to help create a strong support system for health education and programming.


To donate to the MVHC Patient Charitable Care Fund, click the donate button below. Your generous donation dedicates resources and financial assistance to those in need and directly impacts our local community.

Vaida Lives On Fund

The Vaida Lives On Fund was established in 2016 after the tragic death of 3-year-old Vaida Randall who passed away from injuries sustained when a television fell on her. Vaida was a patient at MVHC and made a tremendous impact on everyone who knew her.


The fund will help ensure parents are made aware of the different types of preventable accidents which result in more than 200 deaths and 17,000 injuries in children each year nationwide. One of the ways dollars generated through the fund will be used is to educate parents on the importance of using wall anchors to prevent furniture from tipping and, where necessary, pay for the material needed.


The fund will be in the care of a committee consisting of MVHC Child Health providers and staff along with Vaida’s mother, Kali Randall.


To donate to the Vaida Lives On Fund, simply click the donate button below, and together we can promote child safety.

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