Several years prior to the opening of MVHC in January 2008, Chuck Hunter envisioned a center which would provide primary health care to individuals who did not have a medical home. 

Following his retirement after a long and distinguished career in hospital administration, Mr. Hunter was named the CEO of MVHC in 2007 and was given the overwhelming task of assuring the centers in Malta and Zanesville would move from vision to reality.

As he did throughout his career, Mr. Hunter approached the challenge with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and compassion. He worked relentlessly to assure every minute detail was completed. He identified community partners and worked diligently to assure their support.

In December 2007, just weeks before the opening of MVHC Mr. Hunter passed away unexpectedly. Since its opening MVHC has experienced tremendous success and growth. None of this would have been possible without Chuck Hunter, the original founder of MVHC.