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Patient Education Resources

MVHC Care Management

You don’t have to manage your chronic disease alone. MVHC has a team of Care Managers who provide intensive, one-on-one services to patients with chronic health conditions.


When enrolled in care management, Care Managers will identify the needs of the patient through a comprehensive assessment and create an individual care plan and goals for the patient. The Care Team Member will be with the patient each step of the way, supporting them and monitoring their care. They will provide the patient with education, help coordinate medical services such as specialists, and teach them how to monitor symptoms that are important to their disease process.


You can connect to a Care Team Member by calling or texting our 740-891-9000, and asking to speak with the Care Manager assigned to your provider.

Educational Resources

If you have a chronic disease, learning how to address problems and make informed decisions about your health can help you live a healthier life. See the below resources for tips on self monitoring and management of various chronic conditions.

Basics of Diabetes Management

Breast Cancer Screening

Controlling Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

What is Cholesterol

Better Living with Diabetes

Colorectal Screening

Cholesterol and Diabetes Management

Low Sodium Diet

Self Managing CHF

MVHC patient education materials were sourced from UpToDate.

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