MVHC School Linked Health Center

Muskingum Valley Health Centers (MVHC) offers a School Health Program centered on providing comprehensive primary care services including pediatric, adolescent, and dental care to students. This community-based model of care is designed to provide affordable, age-appropriate, confidential, convenient care to students.  

MVHC offers two unique programs for schools: School-Linked Health Centers or School-Based Health Centers. School-Linked Health Centers utilizes an existing MVHC facility to see students and staff.  District officials transport students to our facility for care, wait at the location with students, and return the students to the school after their appointment. MVHC has constructed the pediatric/adolescent area with special protection considerations (a secure waiting room and treatment rooms) to ensure that your child is always safe.  In a School-Based setting, districts offer space for MVHC providers to visit the district and provide care on a specified schedule. 

MVHC medical staff and providers will treat illness, as well as providing preventative care and well-child services. If your child is at school and becomes ill, the school nurse will evaluate the symptoms and determine if those symptoms warrant treatment that same day. The school nurse will notify the parent/guardian and seek appropriate care for your child with the MVHC medical team. MVHC partners with Northside Pharmacy (where possible) for prescription delivery for your family’s convenience.  


To learn more about MVHC’s School Health Programs, visit your school nurse or call Rick Fulkerson - 740-487-4820.

MVHC School Linked and Based offer these services:
  • Child and Adolescent Care 

  • Well Child Visits                                              

  • Asthma Management                                                 

  • Acne Treatment

  • Behavioral Health                                                        

  • Dental Care

  • Pharmacy Services                                                     

  • Immunizations            

  • Health Insurance Enrollment Assistance                    

  • Sliding Fee Payment Scale                  

  • All Types of Health Insurance Accepted

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